Project Task: Research

The work associated with this task involves every partner in supporting the co-ordinating role of DAA.

The purpose of the Project research is to identify the learning needs of refugee and new immigrant communities. Therefore each partner country needs to have a clear definition of their target groups. To help explain the different target groups partners will have it may be helpful that each partner provides a few paragraphs concerning the situation of refugee and new immigrant communities within their country.

In addition to desk research a questionnaire will be distributed to EURO-WEA affiliates.

The structure for the partner country reports will be:

  1. What are the relevant target groups?
  2. What is the legal and social situation of these groups?
  3. Which are the relevant target groups for provision provided by your organization?
  4. What are the learning needs of these groups?
  5. Information on previous projects or existing national projects working with these groups.
  6. Details of other national organizations working with these groups.

The structure for the final Research Report will be:

  1. Introduction
  2. Country Reports
  3. Survey Report [questionnaire]
  4. Summary and Conclusions
  5. Annex; List of organizations to be used for Project dissemination

Timetable to progress task 2:

mid-Nov 2001: Questionnaire completed. WEA to distribute
14/12/2001: Return date for questionnaire replies
5/1/2002: - National reports to be sent to DAA
  - Finish of desk research
  - Begin evaluation of questionnaire responses
14/2/2002: Draft Research Report to be circulated to partners
mid March 2002: Completion of final version of Research Report