União Geral de Trabalhadores                       

UGT's main area of activity is trade union education, however in recent years they have increasingly worked in other areas such as International Studies, cultural education, language training and environmental education. They are increasingly working with migrants from African countries, in particular ex-Portuguese colonies and migrants from Central and Eastern Europe. Such education activities are being expanded through personal/group orientation and basic education courses. As well as local, regional and national co-operation UGT have been involved in transnational co-operation programmes with MSZOSZ Hungary, trade unions in Africa, and the International Federation of Workers Educational Associations (IFWEA).


União Geral de Trabalhadores (UGT)
Rua Buenos Aires 11
1249-067 Lisbon

web: www.ugt.pt

Carlos Alves
T: +351 21 3931210 (direct)
Email: imigracao@ugt.pt