The aims are to be carried out through the following objectives;

1.   A report on the learning needs of refugee and new immigrant communities based upon research carried out in the 6 partner countries and a questionnaire circulated to all EURO-WEA affiliates.

2.    A European level training the trainers course programme for adult educators working with refugee and new immigrant communities, to test a training manual which will be developed trans-nationally by the Project partners.

3.    A training the trainers manual to be printed and translated into English, French, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, and Portuguese.

4.   The delivery of 6 national training the trainers courses (i.e. 1 per partner country) using the programme and materials developed at European level, which will form part of the evaluation process.

5.    A report comprising a 'Network Development Study' to assess the need for and feasibility of creating a European network of community and voluntary organisations engaged in the provision of adult education for refugee and new Immigrant communities.

6.    Dissemination Activities including a Project Evaluation Report, and Interim and Final Project Reports ńs required by the European Commission

This Project seeks to contribute to changing the situation described in "background" through improving the capacity and effectiveness of adult and workers' education organisations to respond to and help meet the educational needs of refugee and new immigrant communities. In so doing it is expected that there will be an increase in available educational opportunities in both numerical and qualitative terms for this target group.