First partners meeting sets the points

The first official project partners meeting (the partners had already met twice before to prepare the proposal) took place in London from 18. to 20. October 2001.

Representatives from all six partners were present:

Liz Cumberbatch
John Atkins
Katherine Bathey

Peter Rother

C + L:
Joel Jamet
Ourida Fahri

Martinho Gonçalves

Yuliya Simeonova
Nelly Botevska

Károly Gyorgy
Aida Sirbu
István Benko

The meeting was joined at various times by Mel Doyle (WEA Deputy General Secretary), Catherine Russ (WEA National Training Manager) and Jeremy Brocherie (WEA) who will manage financial reporting within the Project.

Each agenda item was introduced by the partner organization responsible for co-ordinating that specific task. Important decisions were taken, the tasks were discussed in detail, so that work can begin immediately.

We had a fine, efficient and also pleasant meeting - a good starting point for an ambitious project!