PACE - Project Management Issues


1. Tasks and Related Issues

Partners responsible for co-ordinating specific tasks should keep John Atkins as Project Manager informed of progress. They should also make contact immediately any problems arise or are foreseen which are likely to have an impact upon the Project timetable or achievement of planned outcomes.

2. Financial and Budget Questions

In the first instance partners should contact Jeremy Brocherie with any questions concerning Project expenditure or income. Partners will be expected to send regular reports to Jeremy detailing their organization’s costs.

3. Interim and Final Reports to the European Commission.

As soon as we know the arrangements for these official reports partners will be informed.


Task Responsibilities

Whilst all partners will contribute to the completion of Project tasks, it is vital to have one partner organization responsible for leading and co-ordinating the collective effort on each task. To make matters clearer we need to have a named individual responsible for fulfilling this function (including those tasks where co-ordination is shared between partners). The following list represents the current (February 2002) state of understanding within the Project partnership.



Named Co-ordinator

Project Research.

Peter Rother

Development of Training the Trainers programme and learning materials.

Liz Cumberbatch

Transnational Training of Trainers Course.

To be confirmed

National Training of Trainers Courses.

Liz Cumberbatch

Network Development Study.

Yulyia Simeonova

Project Dissemination.

István Benko

Project Evaluation.

To be confirmed

Project Exit Strategy.

John Atkins

Project Management – Financial.

Jeremy Brocherie

Project Management.

John Atkins

The responsibility for drawing up and monitoring timetables for completing separate Project tasks will be the responsibility of the named individuals, following the overall Project timetable.

In addition the organization/individual acting as task Co-ordinator is responsible for progress chasing partners to deliver their inputs for specific tasks.

Should a partner be unable to meet their commitments to allow the a task to be successfully completed, this should be communicated to John Atkins at soon as possible to allow adjustments to be made.


Communication and Project Documentation

The working language of the Project is English, which will present problems for all partners. As far as possible we should seek to predict and address the problems in advance through discussion at the partner meetings.

The main method of communication within the Project will be e-mail. It is important therefore that all participants are able to consult their e-mail regularly. If a full reply cannot be sent immediately it is suggested that a short acknowledgement be sent, so that the sender knows the message or request will be dealt with.

If you expect to be out of e-mail contact for more than 1 week (5 working days) you should try to let partners know.

It is agreed that Rich Text Format (RTF) be used as the format for circulating word-processed documents within the Project. In addition, should it be appropriate to use and circulate spreadsheets, then Excel 97 will be the format used.

Task Co-ordinators may find it necessary to use other software for producing documents that are intended for internal circulation. Before doing so they should check that partners have the same software for opening, reading, and amending (if appropriate) the files.

All partners are asked to have up to date anti-virus software installed on computers used for Project work and communications.


Partner Meetings

The dates for partner meetings will be discussed and agreed by all partners.

The detailed arrangements for Partner Meetings (venue, timetable etc.) will be agreed by the host organization and John Atkins.

The host organization is responsible for booking the hotel accommodation for partners attending the meeting. Partners are responsible for informing in advance the host organization of their accommodation needs.

The host organization is also responsible for the following direct costs,

Partners are responsible for the direct costs of their travel, hotel accommodation, and additional meals and have specific budget fir this purpose.

Prepared by John Atkins
11th February 2002