The aims of this project are:

a)    Promoting to both providers and policy makers the need for increased access to lifelong learning opportunities amongst non-traditional learners

b)    Addressing through open Student centred means the learning needs of those who are amongst the most disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable social groups in Europe

c)    To improve the skills of programme and project managers and trainers and teachers, and to develop the capacity of their institutions, in addressing the learning needs of refugee and new immigrant communities.

d)    To meet indirectiy learners' basic skills and other learning needs, to link with information, advice and guidance service Provision, to encourage democratic participation and practice and thereby active citizenship, and to consolidate and further develop lifelong learning in a multicultural environment.

Consequently, the target groups of the project are

Direct beneficiaries:
community / voluntary organisations, their programme managers, trainers / teachers, involved in the organisation and delivery of adult education for refugee and new immigrant communities.

Indirect beneficiaries:
refugee and new immigrant communities through improved quality in education provision.